Luscious sapphire, rich ruby, admirable corals, gorgeous garnet and pretty pearls. Diamonds are a girls’ best friend. You see them every day; dangling from golden chains, sparkling on a finger or shining on a wrist. Gemstones are a worldwide symbol for love on an engagement ring. Every one has to buy one some point or another. But what should an average shopper look for in order to buy that perfect gem? A buyer should know what is gemstone and four features of gemstones that allows them to compare and evaluate. 

What are Gemstone?       

“Beautiful, Rare and Durable”

Almost all gemstones are minerals, but only a few minerals are gemstones. To be a gemstone, a mineral must be beautiful, rare and durable. When a gemstone is rare it is hard to find. Some gemstones are rarer than others.

Four features of gemstones:

Color:The first characteristic about a gemstone that everyone notices is color. Gemstones range from all the colors in rainbow and everything in between. Color gemstone must have a good, rich and desirable color. Every gemstone is priced high for its pleasant color. Neither too dark or over toned nor too light. Richer and better the color, higher the price of the gemstone.

Clarity: Now that you have got little knowledge on color, lets figure out the clarity of a gemstone. Gemstone relatively free from inclusions and having a bright, lively appearance are valued the most. Though inclusions are common in gemstones, lesser the amount of inclusion- higher the price of a gemstone.

Cut: Alright, you got the color and the clarity now comes the cut. Gemstones cut with precision and perfection returns the maximum amount of reflected light that improves the overall brilliance, luster and appearance of the gemstone. Therefore, a gemstone cut with high level precision and accuracy are priced higher than the poor cut stone.

Carat: One of the important feature of a gemstone is carat. Gemstones of bigger size are valued more than small sized gemstone because as the weight increases, its difficult to find a gemstone with good color and clarity.

Once you have found the perfect color, clarity, cut and carat with in your budget you have found your own perfect gem. Every gemstone is a beautiful one. The world of gemstone is somewhat magical. Everyone should appreciate these precious gifts from deep within the earth or underneath the ocean waves.


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